Education - Library and Education System Furniture

Nurturing individuals When you plant a seed into fertile soil, a fresh shoot will appear and eventually it will grow up to be a strong and healthy tree. Following this philosophy, Okamura created educational facilities to act as a nurturing place that allows students to develop their own individuality in an ideal educational environment which suits their ages. Higher Education Learning place Focusing on both "active learning" and "lecture learning", we provide a space that facilitates the creation of knowledge. Exploring place We encourage both research and further development of known academic ideas and concepts. We created an environment where both teachers and students can work together as a team. Supporting place In addition to supporting academic pursuits, it is necessary for a campus to also provide space for a variety of other student activities. Library Area Meeting place Libraries are required to be not only a place where people meet books, but also a place where people meet information and where people meet people. Libraries need to be equipped for various media. Studying place Libraries, where people study books or information, need comfortable space and functionality. It is important to consider the convenience for users. Archiving place Libraries collecting a huge amount of media. It is important to store them safely and efficiently. 1