Education - Library and Education System Furniture

About listed products This catalog is an English version compiled from the product catalogs for Japan. The products listed in this catalog are developed on the assumption that they will be used in Japan. Therefore, the products are based on the Japanese Industrial Standards. 7 Education 7 Elementary/ Secondary Education Support Area Developing place We have changed our learning environment from a place where you simply“Learn and think”, to a place where you“Discover, think, examine, discuss, and present information”. Supporting place We created a space where students can feel comfortable learning, and teachers and staff can have a pleasant working environment. Interacting place Our educational spaces allow interaction with a variety of people beyond the school year. We create bonds that go beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom. Interacting place Lunch rooms are expected to be a communication space for casual talks as well as a relaxation space. Researching place Research rooms where users create new knowledge need to respond flexibly to the needs of individual or joint research. Living place Dormitories play an important role as a space for communication with schoolmates, and not just as a living space. 2