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Duke / Okamura CZ

Innovative and comfortable executive chair

Duke / Okamura CZ
Duke / Okamura CZ


Duke / Okamura CZ is an executive office chair that combines innovative design with sound ergonomics, embodied in its "Active Back" and "Smart Operation" features. Duke / Okamura CZ provides an unsurpassed level of comfort. From its sophisticated frame line to its superior upholstery, every detail has been carefully designed and crafted.


  • Active Back structure: the back rest cradles the back and shoulders for snugness and comfort when sitting.
  • Smart Operation: seat height and recline are conveniently adjustable while in use with access by levers in the armrests.
  • Ankle-tilt synchro-recline
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Adjustable reclining tension
  • Built-in adjustable lumbar support
  • Adjustable headrest on extra-high back model


  • Size: High back / Extra-high back
  • Upholstery: Amundsen fabric / Synthetic suede / Leather


Environmental Features
Designed to be durable.
Made from recycled materials (57% by product weight).
Developed and manufactured through an ISO14001 managed operation with minimal use of environmentally hazardous substances.
97% recyclable.
Main components are labeled and easy to disassemble to aid recycling.


Duke / Okamura CZ


Instruction for use


Environmental deta sheet


  • Duke / Okamura CZ

  • Duke / Okamura CZ

  • Duke / Okamura CZ

  • Duke / Okamura CZ

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