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At Okamura Corporation, our philosophy is that “Quality pays for itself.” This is reflected today in each of our products and services.

Even while information technology, internationalization and specialization are key factors in corporate reform, we believe the priority of management is to establish a stable sales base and drive efficient, profit-driven management while building trust with society, including a concern for the environment.

Okamura is forging alliances and pursuing M&A activities with the aim of expanding further into the global marketplace – increasing the company’s product development, manufacture and sales capacity, and strengthening the links between our core businesses of Office Furniture, Store Displays and Material Handling Systems.

We are also working hard to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, while fulfilling our corporate social responsibility (CSR) by strengthening our compliance management and corporate governance.

Japanese companies today face difficult questions about low labor productivity caused by poor working practices such as long working hours, and a labor shortage brought about in part by a declining population. To address these concerns, Japan’s government has started to institute working reforms that will come into full effect to coincide with the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

For its part, Okamura supplies office solutions, automation and effortsaving processes that can help boost productivity and answer the needs of our customers. Okamura’s commitment to research gives us insight into the future, even as the business environment continues to change by the day, and allows us to develop value-added products and unique solutions for diversifying needs.

Okamura continues to innovate as a company that provides solutions to create congenial and comfortable spaces. We aim to be a company trusted and valued by society at large.

We look forward to your continued support and encouragement in the years ahead.

  • Masayuki Nakamura
  • President & Representative Director