United States

Code of Conduct

Published August 2014

Striving to be a global company that is trusted and appreciated by society, we, the members of the Okamura Group, join hands to constantly generate new value and provide better products and services so as to contribute to growth of economic society through fair competition and play a positive role in society.

With this in mind, all of us, the officers and employees of the Okamura Group, pledge to act with respect for human rights and in accordance with social decency, which includes not only legal compliance but also a high sense of ethics, in both domestic and international business based on the following basic principles of behavior.

1. Respect for human rights

We respect human rights and will not engage in any behavior or activity that infringes on the rights of individuals, including discrimination based on gender, origin, religious belief, race, or values; harassment and other types of behavior which may undermine an individual’s dignity; and child labor, forced labor and other inhuman labor practices. Moreover, we will not allow such behavior or activity to go unchecked. At the same time, we always endeavor to build and maintain fair relations between labor and management in accordance with the principle of freedom of association.

2. Ethical behavior as members of society

We act with common sense as members of society. We draw distinction between our professional and private behavior and exercise moderation in our private lives.

3. Maintenance of free competition and honest business

We maintain appropriate relations with our customers and business partners by engaging in free competition and business that is both fair and transparent. Moreover, we comply fully with all applicable antitrust, competition and fair trade laws and regulations, and remain within the bounds of social norms when engaging in business-related entertaining and gift-giving.

4. Provision of safe and high-quality products and services

We spare no effort to meet our customers’ expectations by constantly striving to provide safe, high-quality products and services in all of our business processes, including research and development, production, and sales.

5. Appropriate management and disclosure of information

We appropriately manage classified and personal information that is possessed by the company or entrusted to the company by customers and others. We will also disclose information concerning the company and its products and services in a timely and appropriate manner.

6. Environmental protection and contribution to society

We take the initiative in contributing to efforts to protect the global environment and build a sustainable society in all aspects of our business activity. Also, as members of the general public, we engage in activities that contribute to society while maintaining good relations with the local community.

7. Cooperation with the international community

We comply with the laws of all countries and regions in which we do business, respect the cultures and customs of those countries and regions, and work to gain local trust through our business activities.

8. Maintenance of sound relationship with government

We maintain sound and proper relationships with civil servants, politicians, and political organizations. At the same time, we comply fully with all relevant laws and ordinances and will not engage in corrupt practices.

9. Dissociation with antisocial forces

We will be resolutely opposed to and remain dissociated with antisocial forces and activities. Furthermore, we will not yield to unreasonable demands.

10. Cultivation of vibrant work environments

We create vibrant work environments that are safe, comfortable, and unrestricted. Moreover, we always strive to acquire knowledge and improve our skills and to generate new value with a strong spirit of teamwork.