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At Okamura Corporation, our philosophy is that “Quality pays for itself.” This is reflected today in each of our products and services.

In April, 2018, we clarified Okamura’s mission: We serve society by creating environments for dynamic interaction through innovative ideas and proven quality. Okamura provides total solutions with a global reach while enhancing its corporate value.

In addition, Okamura is working to reduce its environmental burden through business activities in accordance with its founding spirit while strengthening compliance management and corporate governance.

Through these actions, Okamura fulfills its corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Our current age is one of transformation—a dramatic shift that occurs just once in several decades, prompting a change in societal values. The labor shortage brought about by a declining population, ongoing digital transformation and the progression of work style reforms will change all of our lives. Yet when there is change, new demand is also born. Okamura’s commitment to research gives us insight into the future and allows us to develop value‐added products and unique solutions for diverse needs, including the environmental and social issues currently at hand.

We look forward to your continued support and encouragement in the years ahead.

  • Masayuki Nakamura
  • Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer