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5° GO-DO

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5° GO-DO
5° GO-DO
5° GO-DO
5° GO-DO


5° GO-DO high-performance acoustic panels were designed by Gensler & Associates International Limited to stylishly improve acoustics in open offices. The neutral colors and subtle geometric extrusions create an exquisite, subtle design accent suitable for any office space. 5° GO-DO comes in three shades of gray with creative and modern designs.


  • Plastic felt-made acoustic panels for echo and noise absorption.
  • Panels effectively absorb speech frequencies, ranging from approximately 500 to 1000 Hz.
  • Improve acoustics by covering the entire wall or a small area according to room size and needs.
  • Magnets on the back corners of each panel allow quick and simple installation on steel surfaces. Steel brackets are also available and can be xed on many wall materials for installation on non-steelsurfaces.
  • Panels’ modern aesthetic adds a tasteful, artistic accent. With four designs—at, curve, cross, and ridge—5° GO-DO panels can be arranged to create simple patterns or creative configurations. The three shades of gray and different panel designs can be combined to match surrounding décor.


  • Dimensions:
    450W x 450H x 50T (mm)
    17 3/4" W x 17 3/4" H x 2" T (inch)

  • Material:
    Felt cover - Polyester 100%
    Wadding - Polyester 100%

  • Installation:
    Magnet mounting / Steel brackets
  • Fire test:
    ASTM E84 Class A

  • Acoustics:
    NRC Value - 0.75 *Noise Reduction Coefficient
    SAA Value - 0.76 *Sound Absorption Average

  • Design:
    Flat / Curve / Cross / Ridge

  • Color:
    Light Gray / Gray / Dark Gray

Color variations


  • Dark Gray

  • Gray

  • Light Gray


Environmental Features
Recycled materials: 41%
Recyclability: 100%

Indoor Advantage™ Gold

GO-DO Acoustic Panel


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  • 5° GO-DO

  • 5° GO-DO

  • 5° GO-DO

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