United States

CSR Policies

Through the products and services that we provide to individuals and society as a whole, the Okamura Group aims to be a global company that is trusted and appreciated by society.

1. Promotion of compliance

To ensure that our business activities are conducted in a fair, transparent, and sincere manner, we fully comply with all legal requirements, strive to prevent corrupt practices, and act according to the highest ethical standards.

2. Pursuit of quality

We pursue high standards of quality and safety and provide society with creative technologies, products and services.

3. Environmental friendliness

We are mindful of the environment in all aspects of our business so as to contribute to the creation of a more sustainable society.

4. Disclosure of information

We always strive to maintain the trust of our stakeholders by disclosing information in a timely and appropriate fashion, while at the same time enhancing our communication with them.

5. Workplace improvements

In addition to endeavoring to make our workplaces both healthier and safer, we respect diversity of employees and aim to provide the individual employees with working environments that will allow them to find fulfillment in their work and to achieve personal growth while cooperating with one another.

6. Respect for human rights

We shall promote respect for human rights and eliminate prejudice and discrimination while working to understand differences between individuals and cultures.

7. Harmony with society

We promote respect for human rights and will not tolerate prejudice and discrimination while working to understand individual and cultural diversity.