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The spirit of nature in the heart of the workplace

Today's way of work requires more than an office. It takes spaces that are high performing and high energy, always connected, always on, always adapting. Spaces that live and grow--and where people can do the same. Okamura's 2018 collection is designed to inspire the senses through organic patterns and textures, nature-inspired simplicity and balance. Engineered with a mission to ensure that every piece contributes to active lifestyles, to health and well-being. And built around choice: giving every employee the power to choose and change how they work. Sit, stand. Focus, collaborate. Relax, get active.



Conference ConferenceConference

Casual Work

Casual Work Casual WorkCasual Work

Break Out

Break Out Break OutBreak Out



A spirit passed down in an unbroken line: Untiring devotion to creating something from nothing.




traverse Satellite

traverse satellite

Conference rooms and the tables around which we gather are changing. They have become a gathering place for collaboration, from informal to formal, small to large groups. The newest member of the Traverse table collection —Traverse Satellite — offers Okamura’s incomparable attention to detail and engineering-forward design, at a size appropriate for smaller conference rooms and offices.
Winner, Best of NeoCon Gold, Conference Room Furniture



Today’s office chairs demand more than functionality. Relaxed, residential-feel spaces create work environments where workers express themselves and thrive. Lives Chairs bring a casual look to the office and are equipped with the state of the art features that employees have come to expect.

Alt Piazza

Alt Piazza

Today's office is more than a place of work. The office must meet the diverse needs of its employees, so they can do their best work. Alternative zones let everyone choose where and how they want to work. Switching between their private desks and high-energy shared spaces. The Alt Piazza collection creates cafe-style work environments. So you can get a break from your office, in your office.



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